Vision and Mission


The City College of Angeles envisions itself as an Institution of Hope producing highly competitive and technically capable professionals who will serve as future leaders for community development and nation building.


The City College of Angeles is committed to offer affordable quality education for the holistic development of future professionals with deep sense of excellence, resiliency and stewardship and love for one’s culture.


  • Provide degree and non-degree programs that are relevant to local and global demands and is in compliance with quality standards in education.
  • Strengthen the natural capability of the College through continuous bench marking, program evaluation, innovation and professional development of the administrators, faculty and staff.
  • Develop networks and linkages with local and international institutions to ensure quality of education.
  • Produce research which will contribute to the efficient and effective management of the institution and to serve the community better.
  • Develop and strengthen the moral values of administrators, faculty, staff and students.
  • Develop a positive image of corporate and social responsibility that will benefit the community.
  • Serve as an active agent for the cultivation, promotion, preservation, and appreciation of Kapampangan arts, culture and heritage.