Scholarships and Grants

Entrance Scholarships

A 100 % tuition fee discount is granted to valedictorians and salutatorians duly recognized by the Department of Education who are residents of Angeles. However, the miscellaneous fees will be shouldered by the student.

Academic Scholarships

Students with outstanding academic performance may qualify for academic scholarships. Students in the President’s list will have a 100% tuition fee discount, but will shoulder the miscellaneous fees.

Peso Scholarships

This kind of scholarship is given by the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of the City Government. Incoming freshmen with a High School GPA of 85% may apply at PESO. Upon the submission of all the requirements, a qualifying examination will be taken by the student applicants to determine who will be given the scholarship grants. A grade of 2.00 in each subject is required to maintain this type of scholarship.

Performing Arts Scholarship

  • A student must have a residency of at least 1 semester and enrolled with 18 units of the current semester.
  • S/he must not have any failing or incomplete marks in the preceding semester.
  • S/he must maintain a GPA of 2.50 with no failing grades in any subjects upon granting of the scholarship.
  • S/he must satisfactorily pass the audition.
  • S/he must not have any disciplinary action of any kind.
  • S/he must not be engaged in other performing groups in the college and/or community, whether or not s/he gets paid for his/her service.

Student Assistants

  • S/he must be enrolled in at least 18 units unless prescribe by the curriculum.
  • S/he should submit accomplished Scholarship application form with supporting documents (proof of billing: electric bill, water bill, apartment rental, receipt if the billing address is not a private property).
  • S/he must submit a Certificate of Indigency.
  • S/he should not have any disciplinary action record.
  • S/he must maintain a GPA of 2.00.
  • S/he should not have any failing grade in all of his/her subjects.
  • S/he should not drop any of his/her subjects unless approved by the Guidance Officer and Scholarship & Grants Officer.
  • Any disciplinary action disqualifies the grantee from his/her scholarship.

Duties and Responsibilities of Student Assistants:

  • A student must render 4 hours of duty a day ( a total of 300 hours in semester) to his/her assigned station.
  • A student is expected to come on time and must avoid absenteeism unless his/her reason/s is/are valid.
  • For foreseen absences, the student needs to inform the office where s/he is assigned as well as the Scholarship & Grants Officer.
  • A student assistant who is absent will extend his/her duty hours to compensate for the absence.


All scholars are required to submit a copy of their grades to the Scholarship & Grants Officer at the end of each semester.