The Student Affairs and Services Office is responsible for the development of the non-academic areas of student-life and implementation of various programs and services in line with the vision and mission of the College and the mandates of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). These are being handled and offered by the three units under the Student Affairs and Service Office.

Office Head
Maria Teresa G. Lapuz, MAGC

Office Secretary
Marjorie V. Limiac

Office Personnel
Lea Z. Pineda

Student Conduct Officer

Blessie De Guzman

Head Nurse

Glaiza Padolina

School Nurse

Robert P. Bilan, Jr.

School Nurse


Student Activities
  • Orientation of students
  • Accreditation of student organization
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the activities of recognized student organizations and publication.
  • Initiation and coordination of seminars, workshops and other activities relevant to the students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and values needed for effective leadership.
  • Approval of poster and announcements
  • Processing of nominees for outstanding students and other award giving bodies.
  • Monitoring of the activities of the student publication and provision of support in pursuant to RA 7079 or Campus Journalism Act.

Student Grievance
  • Processing of complaints/grievances of students (against faculty, NTP, school personnel) and forward the completed grievance form to appropriate department.

Health Services
  • First aid treatment
  • Medical and dental check up
  • Health education programs
  • Medical referrals
  • Approval of poster and announcements
  • Signing of medical certificates and excuse letters made from parents/ guardians
  • Tele-consultation

Student Conduct Office
  • Orientation of students and parents
  • Implementation of college code of conduct and procedures
  • Processing of all disciplinary cases and student concerns
  • Issuance of Certificate of Good moral character
  • Approval of poster and announcements
  • Lost and Found Service

List of Student Organizations for the A.Y 2022-2023

Institute-based Organizations

Institute of Business and Management
  • Junior Philippines Institute of Accountants - CCA (JPIA-CCA)
  • League of Tourism Student of the Philippines - CCA (LTSP-CCA)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Society-CCA (YES-CCA)

Institute of Computing Studies and Library Information Science
  • Computing Society (COMSOC)
  • Library Science Society (LSS)

Institute of Education, Arts and Sciences
  • Culinary Crafts and Artistry (CCA)
  • Association of Physical Education Students (APES)
  • Sikolohistang Kapampangan (SIKAP) Society
  • Communicators’ Guild (CommGuild)
  • League of Performing Arts Students-CCA (LPAS-CCA)
  • CCASipnayan (CCAS)
  • Alliance of Special Needs Education Teachers SPED

College-Based Organization

  • City College of Angeles-Central Student Council
  • The Phoenix
  • CCA Sayaw Angeleño Dance Troupe
  • CCA Tinig Angeleño Chorale
  • CCA Marching Band
  • CCA Campus Youth Ministry