Enrollment Procedures

Incoming Freshmen

  • Submit all required documents at the Admissions Office
  • Take the College Entrance Test (CET). Those who passed the CET will go to the next step.
  • Upon the release of the CET results, proceed to the Admissions Office for the interview schedule.
  • Secure the permit to enroll from the admissions office after the interview.
  • Submit permit to enroll to the Registrar’s staff.
  • Secure and fill-out Enrollment Information Form (EIF).
  • Submit EIF to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Get line number from the Registrar’s Office.

For Old Students

  • Submit class cards at the Registrar’s table
  • Secure and fill out Enrollment Information Form (EIF)
  • Submit EIF to the Registrar’s Office
  • Get line number from the registrar’s staff


Step 1: Cashier

  • Present Permit-to-Enroll (new students) / class cards (old students) and filled-out EIF form to the Cashier.
  • Pay the Entrance Fee.
  • Secure official receipt of payment made.

Step 2: Encoder

  • Present Permit-to-Enroll / class cards, filled-out EIF form and official receipt of payment to the encoder.
  • Secure assigned student number from the encoder.

Step 3: Dean

  • Present filled-out EIF form for advisement on course and section.
  • Present to encoder the advisement slip for printing of registration.
  • Sign the registration form and secure your student’s copy of the registration form.

Step 4: School I.D.

  • Get your I.D. picture taken

Step 5: School Uniform

  • Have your body measurements taken by the dressmaker/tailor for school uniform size identification.
  • Pay uniform fee to the officer-in-charge. Get the receipt for the payment of uniform.

Step 6: Line number and EIF

  • Submit your line number and EIF form back to the information table.

For Returning / Shifting Students

  • Get clearance from the Registrar’s Office, Have it signed by all offices concerned.
  • Secure re-application form or shifting form at Registrar’s office
  • Returning students with more than one year of duration of leave of absence are required to take the entrance test. Get test results and recommendation from the Guidance Office
  • Proceed to the Dean’s Office for the interview and approval of the reapplication.
  • Submit approved form by the Dean at the Registrar’s Office
  • Get Permit-to-Enroll and Advisement Slip