Institute of Education, Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Physical Education

The Bachelor of Physical education is a four-year program with a primary goal of providing the students with a broadly based understanding of the dsicipline through theoretical and practical courses in physical education and sports management.

This program allows maximum opportunity for students to pursue various combinations of courses in taeching, coaching, programming and administration and within their particular areas of interest.

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Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education

The Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE) program is the preparation of teachers in technical-vocational education training and higher education institutions who are equipped not only with strong theoretical understanding of teaching and technology but also with practical exposure in industry.

The technical teacher education curriculum shall impart a body of knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and experiences that will provide prospective teachers with necessary competencies essential for effective teaching.

The Ladderized Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education has a total of 168 units. The program is comprised of General Education components, Professional Education subjects, Major Subjects and Industry Immersion.

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