Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies


The BAELS is a four-year degree program designed to integrate theory and practice to prepare students the students for effective communication in English in diverse contexts and situations.

Graduates possess the following: broad knowledge of language and literature for learning; use English as a global language in a multilingual context as it applies to the teaching of language and literature; acquire extensive reading background in language and literature; demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication; show competence in employing innovative language and literature approaches, methodologies, and strategies; use technology in facilitating language learning and teaching; and display skills and abilities to be a reflective and research-oriented language and literature teacher.

It aims: to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the English language – its origin, growth and development, structures, and use; to enhance the students’ competencies in the use of the English language in the real-world contexts; and to present appropriate strategies of language use through a heightened awareness of how English works in different situations in the Philippines and in Asia and the rest of the world.


Graduates of this program may opt for the following careers:

  • Academic and scholarly work, such as teaching, instructional materials development, and research
  • Business and industry jobs, such as public relations, advertising, and documentation
  • Media and publishing occupations, such as hosting, writing, proofreading, translating, and editing
  • Government and diplomatic service, such as law, foreign service, and tourism