The center designed to expose the college community to different forms of cultural awareness and appreciation. It also provides opportunities to further develop the talents of students.

Students with interest in music and dance may join the Sayaw Angeleño Dance Troupe, Tinig Angeleño Chorale, Marching Band and Rondalla. These four institutional organizations also represent the college in off-campus cultural activities. Aside from being a training ground for students in developing their artistic talents in performing arts, the center carries out the school’s advocacy in helping cultivate, preserve and promote the local culture and the arts.


  • Establishment of networking and linkages with the different sectors of the College and the city in the promotion of culture and the arts.
  • Execution of cultural activities that foster aesthetic development and arts appreciation among the members of the academic and non-academic community of the college.
  • Continuous development of students-artists into well-integrated personalities.
  • Collaboration and consultation with academic and non-academic heads on programs and projects related to appreciation and preservation of culture and the arts.
  • Archiving of learning materials related to culture and the arts.
  • Provision of seminar, trainings, conferences, fora, community immersion, competitions, and research.
Office Head
Jonie Boy Pangilinan

Office Personnel
Darren L. Bonzon

Band Master